Post Graduate Training

Chief Resident Department of Dermatology - PCOM/Lehigh Valley Hospital – 2002-2003

Dermatology Resident Department of Dermatology - PCOM – 2000-2002

Resident Department of Family Medicine - Albany Medical Center – 1997-2000

Board Certifications

 American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology – 2003

American Academy of Family Medicine – 2000

Medical Degree

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, NY College of Osteopathic Medicine – 1997

Professional Affiliations

Fellow of American Osteopathic College of Dermatology

 American Osteopathic Association

American Medical Association

New York State Osteopathic Medical Society

Ulster County Medical Society

Capital Region Dermatological Society

Hospital Affiliations

Albany Medical Center, Department of Family Medicine: Dermatology Core Curriculum Lecturer

Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley, Kingston, NY

Undergraduate Degree

SUNY New Paltz, BA in Biology – 1986


2003 Koprince Award for Outstanding Resident Lecture: "Idiopathic Recurrent Plamar-Plantar Hidradenitis”

2001 Koprince Award for Outstanding Resident Lecture: "Acquired Perforating Disorder: A Comparative Review of the Perforating Disorders”

2000 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine – Resident Teacher Award

1997 Mary Hitchcock, DO – Commitment to Osteopathic Principles Award

1997 NYCOM Alumni Association Award

Class Vice President NYCOM 1993-1994

Executive Board Officer NYCOM 1993-1994

Teaching Assistant NYCOM 1994-1995

Biomedical Research Training Award

NYCOM 1994 and 1995


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